INTERTECH is one of the few companies which is able to offer the most modern cold storages with the fully automatic control and the computer based data management systems for the accurate process data during whole course of operation. INTERTECH offers complete services from the concept to commissioning due to its association with the associates to form the consortium to render the complete services under its responsibilities. Our services includes architectural, structural and engineering design of the complete plant, over and above the supply, erection and the commissioning of the plant. Thatís a complete project engineering package.

It is our endeavors to offer the best technology and the correct engineering solutions to the problems of our industry. It would not be incorrect if it is said that INTERTECH is one of its kind.

The complete cold storages for practically all preservable fruits & vegetables are available from us as per international designs, which are proven and standardized. Typically following commodities are likely to be stored in our country. They are Potatoes, Onions, Garlic, Apples, Lemons, Spices, Dates, Dry-fruits etc.

The first Cold Storage for the Lemons was designed and commissioned by us in our country.

Over and above these projects we are associated as a design associates to other coldstore projects in India.

The other industries to which we have catered are: chemicals, oils & fats, food preservation, mechanical, steel rolling, fertilizers, pesticides, dyes & intermediates, drugs & intermediates and heavy inorganics etc.

Our field of operation encompasses:-

- Project Engineering & Management

- Plant Engineering

- Equipment Design & Development

- Heat Engineering

- Industrial Refrigeration & Food Preservation

- Cold Storages for Fruits & Vegetables

- Liquid Solid Separation Systems

- Solvent Recovery Systems

- Drying Systems

- Material Handling & Conveying Systems

- Air Pollution Control Engineering

- Water Pollution Control Engineering

- Waste Incineration Systems and Waste Heat Recovery

The list of the some of the past projects undertaken by us are mentioned below:

1. Electrolytic Copper Foil for P.C.B. Manufacturing:

2. Continuous Solvent Extraction Plant

3. Manufacturing of the Industrial Refrigeration Compressor & Systems

4. Edible Oil Refinery

5. Technology Sourcing for the High Pressure Water Jetting Systems

6. Design & Engineering of N.P.K. Granulated Fertilizers

7. Design & Engineering of the Cold Storage for Fruits & Vegetables.

8. Design of Effluent Treatment Plant

9. Air Pollution Control Engineering & Equipment for Steel Rolling Plants

10. Waste Incineration Systems

11. Bulk Liquid Storage System

12. Castor Oil Derivative Processing Plant.

13. Organic Fertilizer Processing Plant

14. Development of Copper Powder Manufacturing Plant

15. Industrial Drying Systems & Solvent Recovery

INTERTECH has office at Rajkot, India, to cater to our clients requirements. It has support of the specialists to handle the aspects not in its forte through the consortium. The complete manufacturing setup is associated with us to take up the complete manufacturing of the all the manufactured equipment under our design and inspection.

For any further information, please contact Mr.Yogesh Kathecha