INTERTECH has designed and developed the system for the storage of fruits and vegetables for the extended storage life using the technique of controlled atmosphere.

The new technique of the produce storage in the pallet with controlled atmosphere enclosure is offered by INTERTECH. The sealed atmosphere within the enclosure is controlled using appropriate and required equipment. The system is called “CAPALLETS”.

The CAPALLETS can be used for the short term as well as long-term storage of produce under CA conditions per pallets. An advantage of CAPALLETS is that a part of the stock can be distributed without disturbing the storage condition in the other stored units.

Moreover any existing cold-room can be retro-fitted with CAPALLETS system for the CA storage facility.

The CAPALLETS system consists of a enclosure made from suitable Thermo-plastic material which is transparent and durable under operating conditions with very low gas Permeability.

Typically the pressure maintained in the enclosure is around 12mm water column.

The pressure and the condition within the set of enclosure is maintained precisely using various apparatus like:-

· Gas Homogenization Tank

· Enclosure Pressure Control Devices

· Gas Circulator

· Measurement system for Gas Concentration

· Gas Scrubbers for Carbon Dioxide, Ethylene Oxygen etc.

· Gas Generator for Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Ethylene etc

· Humidification / Dehumidification system with controller

The Temperature in the chamber is controlled using separate refrigeration system.

The installation of the CAPALLETS system does not require extensive re-work on the existing cold-room construction.

For Specific information please contact with your requirements.

It can be used for Apples, Grapes, Lemon, Figs, Garlic, Mango and other fruits.